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Author – Rev Dr. Mushtaq H. Jaafri. He came to the United States of America as a foreign student in order to acquire a higher education. It was his father Mr. Nazir Ahmad Jaafri who sent him to California for his higher studies. It was his father’s vision for knowledge, which gave him the opportunity to find the only fortune worth finding, a ‘seed’ of greatness which God plants in every one of us. His father’s vision gave Jaafri a direct path to God and that touch of Greatness that God plants inside every one of us. “You are the architect and builder of your own life”, his father often said. He holds advanced degrees in communication and in the field of metaphysics. He is the published author of seven books in the field of ‘mind-conditioning’ techniques using a unique system of thought control. He was mentioned in Who’s Who in Metaphysics. His latest book, was written after 30+ rears of deliberate monitoring of his own thoughts on a daily basis. He was willing to sacrifice anything and everything but, not his God-given right and the privilege of controlling his own thoughts at all costs. Based on his own personal experiences in trying to quiet the conscious thinking mind, he discovered and pioneered the ‘mind-theory’ of five features of the mind and the function they serve for Soul to use them as ‘vehicle’ to communicated with other minds. By utilizing the Soul Travel techniques he was able to go beyond the ego‘s incessant compulsive thinking at will whenever he wanted. This deliberate monitoring of his own thoughts on a 24/7 basis, he was able to open up sort of a ‘passage way’ between Soul and his True-Self or God-Self, thus blending of Human and Divine personalities within. His high goal of experience himself as Soul, not in theory but as a reality in life is what this new book is all about He has truly caught of the essence of the amazing MIND BYPASS techniques, so his very fitting writing in this new book Go With The Flow Story is a reminder of this journey toward  spiritual freedom.

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