Go With The Flow Sample


The wheel of 84 in the way I use it here simply means that a soul must pass through rounds of eighty-four lakhs of rebirths. In Hindi and Urdu, lakh means one hundred thousand. So souls pass through eighty-four hundred thousand rounds of birth and death. The moment I heard this spiritual truth from the spiritual masters of the ages, I began to wonder how I could stop (so to speak) the wheel of 84 so this lifetime would be my last.

My guardian angel had told me I had been chosen to help humanity stop the wheel of 84. I had no clue whatsoever back then about the wheel of 84 much less helping humanity help stop it. I had to google wheel of 84 to find out what it was.


Spiritually speaking, when an ego self clashes with another ego self, they both want to be right and win. Let’s say someone becomes outraged with another and kills him. The law of life says that act must be repaid in another life to balance the injustice. We are all held accountable in this way for our actions and even our thoughts. We will be held accountable for whatever pain or sorrow we inflict on others; thus the need for a rebirth to balance our bad acts in another life.


I believe it is possible to stop the wheel of 84 or at least slow down the rebirth process so humans can get to heaven.

The first factor responsible for the rebirth process is the ego self, the first personality in us. Think of a stubborn, spoiled three-year-old who wants all his or her desires met by the personal self in us. The ego self paralyzes the faculties of reason and kills self-reliance. It takes the charm out of one’s personality and destroys the possibility of clear thinking. It kills love, faith, hope, desire, romance, and enthusiasm, and it assassinates the finer, positive emotions of the heart. It discourages friendship and invites disaster in a hundred forms.

If you want to go with the flow and find a way to blissful living, you must recognize, relate to, assimilate, and control this enemy number one that is within us all. The ego self discourages initiative and leads to uncertainty of purpose in life. It wipes out enthusiasm and makes self-control an impossibility. Nothing will bring you so much misery and humility than being under the influence of the ego self. The ego self is a childish enemy in that it diverts your concentration and efforts, robs your initiative, and restricts your individuality.


If you are ever under the five passions of the mind—anger, greed, attachment, lust, and vanity—that’s a clear sign your ego self is running your mind. But you can deliberately monitor these five passions of the mind and become aware of them whenever they get hold of you and keep you from experiencing yourself as a soul.

The moment you start monitoring these five passions, they will begin to subside and will leave your mind. You will no longer be under the control of your ego self. Do whatever you have to do to get out of the grip of the ego self.

Your ability to recognize the ego self within will determine how much control you have over the five passions of the mind. For me, it has become a sort of a game. Whenever I see someone being angry and yelling with or without justification, I smile and say to myself that he or she is under the control of the child within.

Sure, my ego self wants to fight back, but I don’t let it. I just say, “It’s okay. Let it go.” When I don’t fight back, when I’m not defensive, everything suddenly becomes normal again. Try it sometime. You’ll be surprised.

You have no control over what other people say or do to you, but you have complete control over what you say, do, and think. Herein lies the secret to controlling the ego self—just ignore that petulant three-year-old within that is acting in its nature. You will go with the flow and enjoy blissful life to the extent you can control your ego self. Then you will experience yourself as a soul, a spark of God.

I’ve experienced myself as soul not just in theory but in reality. I used to think I was crazy, but I discovered it was the most natural thing. Who is in control of your life, the ego self, the mind, or the soul, the spirit?


Every time you feel guilty, fearful, angry, or resentful toward others or yourself, you can be certain that the ego self is in charge of your life at that moment. The key is to recognize that state of mind and take control of your thinking.

When you find yourself among angry and abusive people, just tell yourself that their ego selves are in control and try not to get involved in their states. Don’t say a word. Just walk away.

This ego self loves to get its own ways no matter what it takes. The ego self usually works through the five passions of the mind. I have no control over others’ ego selves, but I do have control over mine.

Did you ever get very angry at someone or a situation and later felt as if you weren’t in control of yourself? You were right. Your ego self, not your real soul self, was in control of you.

If you want to stop the wheel of 84, you must learn to control your ego self and not let it do anything that would require rebalancing through another physical life on earth. The reason you are alive is that you did something you were not supposed to have done in your previous life; you are here to repay or balance that act. You willingly contracted with your creator God to fulfill these certain traits; you’ll be held accountable by rebirth until your contract is satisfied.


As you may recall from chapter 4, I had asked my guardian angel to write my name among the list of the people who loved humanity the most in the golden book of life. When the angel returned, I was told that my desire to serve humanity had pleased God the most. I didn’t understand the significance of my desire to serve humanity then, but I do now. Those who can control their minds by observing their minds’ activity will have the desire to serve humanity and will perhaps earn the privilege of not having to return to earth.

Then I remembered something else that hit me like a bolt of lightning. The angel had revealed to me that my mission in life was to achieve perfect morality in dealing with all people. That meant I was to love those who love me and those who hate me equally. A spiritual teacher in the East once said, “I love you if you love me, and I love you if you kill me.” He isn’t going through the rebirth process.


The personal self is the second personality in us; it is what we see when we look in a mirror. Our personal selves wake up in the morning, talk to others drive our cars, watch TV, read, and so on. Spiritually speaking, our personal selves are in charge of our lives as souls not just in theory but in reality.

The sad thing is that the personal self always seems to be caught up in the glamor of the material world on the physical plane. It can also very easily get tangled up with the ego self through the mind and emotions. The ego self is the most cunning personality in us. It has the ability and the power to manipulate the personal self in hundreds of ways.

If you harm another in any way but later acknowledge your wrongful action, ask for forgiveness, and promise not doing it again, you have overcome this issue. But if your ego self makes you feel guilty about what you have done and you curse yourself and feel sorry for your act, it can become a karmic issue that if kept for long can surely cause a rebirth process

Just as the ego self functions through the mind, the personal self usually functions through the mouth. As a personal self, you are held accountable for every hurt, harm, pain, and suffering you inflict on others even though it was initiated by the ego self.

If you could truly control your ego self and the personal self at all times, I believe you would not have to worry about being reborn. I have been able to do so for over thirty-nine years now, and it is a feeling I will never get tired of.

Just imagine what it would be like if your mind didn’t dare engage in compulsive thinking. You’ll be surprised to know that I never have headaches. My spiritual master taught me to never forget that my mind was my enemy because it loved to go against me in my spiritual pursuits and would force me to react to the material world. The sad thing is that the mind always wins. People will try to antagonize you, push your hot buttons (some spouses are expert at this), and will set the karmic patterns that will surely set in motion your rebirth.

Anyone can argue and yell, anyone can call you names, but if you absorb such attacks and gain strength from them as I have learned to do, you will say as I do, “That karmic burden is theirs, not mine.”

When you are alive and blissfully awake, negative power cannot trap you. My spiritual teacher has taught me that my soul is what keeps me alive—not my mind. The mind, as strong as it may seem sometimes, is not always to be trusted; the soul is the one to be trusted.

What is this thing inside me that stops me from knowing what’s going on? The answer is the ego self—the mind. The ego self and the personal self will do whatever is in their power to keep you spinning around in the material world because the human mind cannot go into the spiritual realms with you.


Surprisingly, this is a positive factor that can support your efforts to stop the wheel of 84 for us all if we choose to follow the guidance. This third entity in us is called (most appropriately) the spiritual self. I often think of my spiritual self as my guardian angel. The spiritual self is the one we do not see in a mirror; rather, we assume the existence of this nonphysical personality in us.

This spiritual self functions as a guardian angel and directs the personal self toward those experiences that will be for its highest good. The spiritual self has the knowledge of the past, awareness of the present, and a vision of the future.

This third personality knows our physical destiny and attempts to fulfill it. For the most part, the spiritual self will act in the best interest of the soul’s progression and evolvement while still living on earth.

One of the most essential functions of the spiritual self is directing human consciousness to those inner feelings and experiences it needs for the soul’s training in the physical world. One of the most amazing functions of the spiritual self is its ability to inspire us to lift humanity and save everyone.

This essentially requires that we sort out our two selves—the ego self and the personal self. When we have done that, we will know who we are. When we decide to let go of the ego and the five passions of the mind and let our souls, our pure spirits, lead us, we will be guided toward our divine nature as souls even when we do not consciously experience or feel it.

The moment you practice holding your mind quiet for a while, the nonphysical part of you—the soul—will show up in its own time. For now, it is quite enough for you to just know there is something inside you whether you feel it or know it intellectually that will make itself known to you in whatever form you can accept as soul. The form in which it makes itself known to you is not important; what is important is your awareness of the fact that someone inside you loves you and is not of you. Your soul part is you, not your ego self.


My guardian angel emphasized the point during my nightly meeting that before I was born, I had agreed with my creator God to devote more than thirty-five years of my life to preparing myself emotionally and especially spiritually to find the most direct path to God. I was to become a coworker with God by devoting my spiritual, motivational, and inspirational skills to aid wandering souls in returning home—to heaven—while still in this physical body.

Thirty-five-plus years of hard work without any direct financial compensation is an experience not calculated to give you sustained hope—I assure you—but I knew from the beginning that the rewards would be in a form that couldn’t always be measured in money or material things. I’ve not been disappointed because not only were all my material needs provided, but more important, I also achieved inner peace, joy, and happiness and found a way to blissful living.

If what I say to you in this book resonates with you on a spiritual level, and if when you read each chapter you find that your inner intention is connected with the divine spirit and you can sense yourself as an awareness of the nonphysical part of you—the soul—you are on the right track to God. You’ll find your way to blissful living. I went through eight turning points in my life before I found this way.

The fact that you are reading this book means a divine plan has been at work on your behalf and you are ready and willing to take in the jewels of wisdom it contains. The reason it took so long for you to find this book is that you are ready to accept that you willingly chose to come into this physical word. Did you know that 80 to 90 percent of all souls do not agree to come to earth but decide to stay home in heaven?

You accepted the challenges of living on earth and being accountable for your deeds and to the rebirth process to balance your account if needed. You are a chosen one like all of us who experience rich living on earth and learn self-realization and God realization.